We are researchers. We have studied lots and lots of infancies. Losing a mother or a father is a much more dangerous experience, than what we could possibly think of. We have started to deal with all of this in 2009. We travelled around the world to get to know families, children, kindergarten teachers, psychiatrists, researchers, grief therapists and pediatricians. Probably we have heard the biggest amount of stories, what children have told about their long lost mothers. These were such travels around the hearts of the children, what can only be experienced by only few, young researchers.
In 2009, a system was created, based on our work, what has not only mapped the phenomenon of the early paternal loss, but has created its relation system, between the professions of: social, therapeutic, research and creative art.
Such thing was never done before. We have created a creative brand for peccability. We have named it as: the Music of beginnings. It is professional, traditionalist and instinctive- as we have wanted it to be.
We are aware, that the years spent in intense grief, create shocking psychological situations. Music helps to bare, interpret and to digest this in an unprecedented way. This work is a culture-historical investment, the ceremonial action plan of the childhood loss crisis experience, in what music gives the base of everything, and technology provides the conditions of the grand realization.
The music recommendation system of all of this, under the name of Everything is love, will be available at the end of 2018, for everyone around the world.
We thank everyone, who accompanied us. The experiences during the journey have exceeded our hopes and expectations.
Creators of 'Everything is love' concept

Respect for all parents world wide by Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale

A permanent send off from the parent, during childhood is a loss-experience, which cannot be compared to anything- it is the disintegration of the most basic order-, which is threatening both the physical and emotional security in the years, following infancy.
The LivingWithoutTheMoon Foundation and Music of Beginnings concept was born in order to react to a phenomenon, what affects the children world wide, without any selection. The quality of a first aid following a loss crisis can be life changing.
When we have chosen music from all of the branches of art, we were looking for an authentic narrative, which takes the experience of the maternal loss to its own medium.
It encourages to bind, it forwards pure inspiration - with the participation of the most outstanding contemporary artists - to a future which is going to be accompanied by the loss, but it's start is surrounded by exceptional attention and care, supporting the love-community of a mourning family.
This approach was made complete by the passion of modern musical art collecting and by the attitude as the fragility of infancy was interpreted by us.
To deal with an inspirational chain that is related to the loss of a mother or father as an outsider is a privileged experience, but to experience the commitment of the most talented musicians of the world towards this initiative is much more: Respect for all parents who have a chance to accompany their children to adulthood with her supporting proximity.
Founder of LivingWithoutTheMoon Foundation